Below is a list of contributed sub-themes available for Groundwork. For a live demo, please visit

  • Malinis
    «Malinis» is a word in the Filipino language meaning clean.
  • Mayumi
    «Mayumi» is an adjective in the Filipino language which describes someone who is a combination of shy, demure and soft. It is often used to describe what an ideal Filipina should be.
  • Negosyante
    «Negosyante» is a word in the Filipino language meaning a person of affairs, engaged in business. An entrepreneur.

  • more coming very soon.

 Sub-themes below are not yet ported to Groundwork 2.x.

  • Klasiko
    «Klasiko» is a word in the Filipino language meaning, you guessed that right, «classic».
    • Project Page: Coming soon
    • Screenshot: Coming soon

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