Groundwork 7.x-2.x-dev For next release

These changes have already been committed to my local repository or have been pushed to’s repository, that will be part of the next release.

  • No changes at the moment.

Groundwork 7.x-2.x-rc1 2013-10-15 Latest stable release

  • CustomWork/
    • Minor edit in a comment.
  • CustomWork/less/custom/app-style.css.less
    • Removed the vertical padding in header and added in the banner and header annex instead
    • Fixed navigation.
    • Removed default background and padding in blocks.
    • Removed override of unpublished content.
    • Removed support for wysiwyg module. Will add it to docs instead.
  • CustomWork/templates/README.txt
    • Small corrections.
  • less/bundles/bundles-all.css.less
    • Added support for new bundle: horizontal login block -less/bundles/buttons.css.less
    • Used the mixin .inline-block() instead.
  • less/bundles/inline-list.css.less
    • Removed the margin of ul.
  • less/component/branding.css.less
    • Removed margin-bottom in #branding.
  • less/component/groundwork-specific.css.less
    • Removed background of #theme-attribution-wrapper
  • less/component/media-queries/component-narrow.css.less
    • Added horixontal margins for in navigation.
  • less/component/navigation.css.less
    • Fixed the navigation.
    • Used the mixin for inline-block instead.
  • less/layout/layout.css.less
    • Fixed margins and paddings of #page and regions to show better in mobile media.
  • less/mixins/mixins-grid.css.less
    • Used the mixin for inline-block instead.
  • resources/templates/page-with-wrapper.tpl.php
    • Fixed navigation ids.
  • /less/bundles/horizontal-login-block.css.less
    • New file. Bundle to support horizontal login block.

Groundwork 7.x-2.0-beta3 2013-10-09

  • Modified comments.css.less. Comments must look nice with or without background.
    • Overrode generic style of h3 for .comment title to have margin-top: 0
    • Modified margin-bottom of .comment to be @size1.
  • Notification of newly created theme in Drush now prints the machine name, so there will be no confusion if it was generated. Machine name is used if user wants to enable the newly created theme and set it as the default theme via Drush.
  • Removed font-weight: bold in li
  • Fixed margin-bottom bug in tables.css.less
  • Modified margin of item-list
  • Modified margin-top of pagers
  • Improved the «non-semantic» folder structure.
  • Modified the non-semantic classes to be a bit semantic.
  • ul of inline-list bundle became display: table to style it easier.
  • Removed all styles for navigation in component-narrows.css.less
  • Removed clearficx in both main menu and secondary menu as it is causing problems in mobile.
  • Added classes to main-menu and secondary menu for easier styling
  • Removed text-align: center in navigation

Groundwork 7.x-2.0-beta2, 2013-10-04

  • Changed all the color variables to have an HSV value of 60% except for @colorOrange which is OK as it is . This will make the colors tolerable in both dark and light background if used as text, and dark and light text if used as background.
  • Added the color variable @colorGrey which is at 50% HSV value.
  • Added new font «Noceda Font Pro», for the new look of Groundwork. It is a light, elegant and open sans-serif font that can give a modern feel to websites. It has GwIkons and the Tagalog script (Baybayin).
  • Deleted fonts Noceda Roman and Noceda Sans.
  • Added support for GwIkons as mixins, and as classes in the resource folder.
  • Issue #2103005 by ricmel111: Fixed media-query support in IE8.
  • Fixed link to docs found in The correct link is
  • Modified ul in navigation.css.less to
  • Modified empty selector #navigation-wrapper. It should be #main-nav-wrapper
  • Added new css3 mixin .border-shadow(). It creates borders by using box-shadow.
  • Fixed the mixins for the GwIkons..
    • Corrected bug in link to docs
  • app-settings.css.less
    • Modified @themeDirectory to include the path
    • Modified LinkColorHover to lighten.
  • README.txt
    • Modified to reflect the @themeDirectory change.
    • Removed info_alteratio which isn’t there.
    • Modified info_alteration to reflect change in
    • Modified settings_alterations to be the same as LESS’ @themeDirectory
  • typography.css.less
    • Removed text-rendering in headings that makes spaces in text too wide
  • layout-*.css.less
    • Modified comments regarding @themeDirectory
  • media-helper-*.css.less and mixins-typography.css.less
    • Modified paths to reflect the change in @themeDirectory
  • variables.css.less
    • Modified the value of color scheming variables.
  • comment.tpl.php
    • Removed the redundant permalink.
  • html.tpl.php
    • removed «http:» in CDN URLs to accommodate secure sites.
  • lists.css.less
    • modified indents of definition lists, should be on the term, not definition.
    • updated groundwork.css for those who doesn’t want to use LESS.

Groundwork 7.x-2.0-beta1, 2013-09-30

  • First public release of Groundwork version 2… and the party started!.

Progressive mobile-firstResponsive from mobile to wider media with customizable breakpoints.Modular Scale TypographyHarmonious typography with the time-tested golden ratio used by typographers for centuries.True Semantic MarkupWork without the layout classes like .grid_x on your markup. Unless you really want to use them.More customizations with LESSHarness the power of LESS with pre-defined intuitive mixins and bundles. Define variables for layout, colors, fonts, and more.Powerful Customizable GridWork with 24 units with proportional gutter and line-height or customize according to your needs. Define sidebar, branding, and node aside widths on the fly.

Groundwork 7.x-1.2, 2012-03-06

  • Changed theme attribution.
  • Fixed word wrap of book navigation links.
  • Removed height and overflow of top region.
  • Removed margin for last or lonely (alone) blocks in footer region.
  • Fixed bug on maintenance-page.tpl.php

Groundwork 7.x-1.1, 2012-01-22

  • Changed majority of the word grid to column.
  • Bug in aligning the block left, right, or center. The margin for the grid system is getting affected.
  • Gave the maintenance page some loving.

Groundwork 7.x-1.0, 2012-01-19

  • Implemented the push and pull functionality on the 24-column grid system.
  • Added changes made in page.tpl.php to maintenance-page.tpl.php
  • Edited local.css and local-blank.css. «columns» is a class not an ID.
  • Edited groundwork.css
    • Support for WYSIWYG module. Text area is white.
    • Bug in the browser prefixes of border-radius. there were no dashes.
    • Bug in menu-inline-style. padding-top had no semi-colon.
  • Edited html-elements.css.
    • Ordered and unordered lists got a margin-bottom of 1em.
    • In nested lists, ordered and unordered lists inside a list do not need a bottom margin.
    • Changed link color to a fresher blue color to accommodate users who wish to use Groundwork as is.
    • Removed black color in a:hover and added underline text-decoration instead. Hovering to a black does not give a «click me» effect.
  • Added image file button.png. Formalize needs it.
  • Improved some code comments.

Groundwork 7.x-1.x-beta3, 2012-01-15

  • Fixed Issue #1405606 by Pedro Miguel. PHP Parse error.

Groundwork 7.x-1.x-beta2, 2012-01-15

  • Changed #branding and #footer-section from <div> to <section> for better html5 document outline.
  • Added support for secondary menu.
  • Added files .gitignore and CHANGELOG.txt
  • Changed wireframes to block background guides. Site admins must revisit theme settings page.
  • Changed link padding in navigation bar from «0.8em 3em 0.8em 0» to «0.8em 1.5em». There will be more sites that will benefit from an equal horizontal padding.
  • Fixed some indentations in to adhere to Drupal coding standards.
  • Provided option to turn on/off #attribution in theme settings page. (Issue #1404652 by PedroMiguel)
  • Added if statement to hide section#sector-extras (if supplement region and/or appendix region is not in use)
  • More descriptive README.txt
  • Fixed bug in theme settings in file
  • Added more tips and comments in the local.css and local-blank.css.

Groundwork 7.x-1.x-beta1, 2012-01-12

  • First release. Introduced Groundwork Base Theme to the world and the party started!

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Inspiration & credits

Groundwork created and maintained by John Noceda.
Special thanks to all the popular CSS, LESS, SCSS frameworks and boilerplates out there for the inspiration and great ideas

Groundwork Front-End Framework Licenses

Released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.
Fonts included with Groundwork are released under the SIL Open Font License (OFL) version 1.1

Documentation License

Documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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